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high temperature stress

Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Rationale of the research is growing a diverse range of chickpea genotypes for heat tolerance screening in India (International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), Hyderabad) and Australia (Plant Breeding Institute (PBI), Narrabri, New South Wales) over two growing seasons in the field... The broad outcome of this project was to develop an improved understanding of genetic diversity of chickpea genotypes using molecular markers, the effects of high temperature on chickpea growth and yield and to identify traits that can be potentially exploited for future breeding programs on heat tolerance in chickpeas... Improved knowledge of high temperature effects on plant responses under stressed and non-stressed environments is required for effective germplasm screening...
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Catalogue: GRDC Media
The need for sorghum to beat the heat.. Professor Graeme Hammer, whose team at QAAFI led the experimentation and modeling, says research has confirmed that yield cannot be estimated at the time of sowing and the superiority of specific genotype and management combinations varies from year to year depending on how the season transpires... "The best we can do is to estimate the risks of what might happen for different scenarios given historical climate data...
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