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Project Code Title Research contributors
AMC00002 Travel Support - To attend Implementation of Precision Agriculture Conference Allan Mayfield Consulting
AMC00003 TA - Attend the Weed Science Society of America annual conference, attend the 7th New Ag International Conference and Exhibition and discuss weed scanning research and weed management utilising variable rate technology Allan Mayfield Consulting
AMC00004 Viticulture Spray Drift Impacts Allan Mayfield Consulting
AMC00005 Support for Zinc Phosphide Occupational Health and Safety Study Allan Mayfield Consulting
AMC00006 Scoping of the use of caffeine as a potential molluscicide Allan Mayfield Consulting
AMC00007 Progress Report Evaluation Allan Mayfield Consulting
AMC00008 Program Review 2012 - National Plant Pathology Program Allan Mayfield Consulting
AMC00009 Program Review 2012 - National Herbicide Tolerance Evaluation Program Allan Mayfield Consulting
AMC00010 Program Review 2012 - Herbicide tolerance program Allan Mayfield Consulting
AMC00011 Managed Environment Facility - Trial management protocol review and guideline production Allan Mayfield Consulting
AMC00012 Progress report evaluation Allan Mayfield Consulting
AMC10 Travel Grant - Study tour of USA to meet with agricultural consultants and leading farmers Allan Mayfield Consulting
AMC11 Delivering Final Report Summaries Electronically - Eureka Files Allan Mayfield Consulting
AMC8 The Eureka Files Allan Mayfield Consulting
AMC9 Report on the Impact of snails in the southern region: An economic evaluation and risk analysis Allan Mayfield Consulting
AME00001 Evaluation of the Harrington Weed Seed Destructor Agricultural Mechanisation Consulting ANZ
AMI00001 CS - Australasian Milling Conference 2010 Australasian Milling Conference
AMP00002 Leaf spotting project AMPS Research
AMP00003 Leaf Spotting Trial Plan 2009 AMPS Research
AMP00004 Integrated disease management - Study Tour AMPS Research
AMP1 Identifying and managing nutrient imbalances in high-yielding cropping systems on the Liverpool Plains, NSW AMPS Research
ANF1 12th Australian Nitrogen Fixation Conference Australian Nitrogen Fixation Society
ANL00001 Evaluation of tender and participation in evaluation teleconference Argonne National Library
ANP1 Conference Support - Silverleaf Nightshade National Workshop
ANU00002 Lectureship in plant-microbe interactions Australian National University
ANU00003 Conference Support � Future Policy Prospects Australian National University
ANU00004 EMS in Agriculture: A Comparative Analysis of Initiatives in the European Union and Australia Australian National University
ANU00005 GRDC and AWB consultancy on assessment of the long term outlook for grain supply and demand in China Australian National University
ANU00006 Exploring a model system to develop controls for plant parasitic nematodes Australian National University
ANU00007 Managing and identifying resistance against barley scald Australian National University
ANU00008 Genetic controls of root impedance and drought signalling in wheat Australian National University
ANU00009 Wheat ERECTA/ERECTA-like genes: Proof of function on water use efficiency and potential for breeding improved germplasms Australian National University
ANU00010 Consultancy - Crop manipulation of plant architecture Australian National University
ANU00011 The generation of wheat cultivars with improved drought tolerance and agronomic traits Australian National University
ANU00012 Disease resistance and epidemiology of scald and net form of net blotch Australian National University
ANU00013 Identifying wheat germplasm with superior rubisco for breeding for increased drought tolerance Australian National University
ANU00014 The plasticity and genetic control of root development under mechanical impedance Australian National University
ANU00015 Evaluation of plant manipulation compounds Australian National University
ANU00016 Characterisation of effector proteins from necrotrophic fungal wheat pathogens Australian National University
ANU00017 Wheat ERECTA/ERECTA-like genes: Isolation and functional evaluation of candidate transpiration efficiency genes Australian National University
ANU00018 Identifying wheat germplasm with superior rubiscos for breeding for increased productivity Australian National University
ANU00019 Understanding the production risks from necrotrophic fungi Australian National University
ANU00020 The generation of wheat cultivars with improved drought tolerance Australian National University
ANU00022 New strategies for disease resistance to wheat stripe rust: Providing novel resistance to wheat rust disease via RNAi interference Australian National University
ANU00023 Plants better adapted to moisture stress and increased soil strength.                CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Australian National University
ANU13 CRC for Plan Science - The molecular biology approach to improving quality barley Australian National University
ANU15 Commercialisation of a cost effective genetically engineered bacterial biological control agent against take-all Australian National University
ANU16 Gene expression induced by root mechanical impedance in wheat Australian National University
ANU18 Australian Centre for Intellectual Property in Agriculture Australian National University
ANU19 Development of microbial and transgenic technology to control fungal pathogens: a commercialisation project based on patent application no PP8394/99 Australian National University