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Herbicide response in the new French hardseeded serradella varieties, Margurita Aand Erica A, was similar to Cadiz A. They had reasonable tolerance to Spinnaker #(PSPE), Broadstrike #and Raptor #, and were very sensitive to simazine #, Jaguar #, Tigrex #and phenoxy herbicides... AIMS To evaluate herbicide tolerance (and sensitivity) of new pasture varieties and select lines nearing commercial release to a wide range of herbicides, particularly those used for broadleaf weed control... Breeding lines evaluated included the two hardseeded French serradella varieties that will be commercially available for the first time in 2004 (Erica and Margurita), and four species to be commercialised: bladder clover, purple clover, Eastern star clover and Trigonella balansae...
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