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Final Report: DAW00161 - Increasing the profitability of cropping systems in Western Australia using lupins, oats, oilseeds and pulses

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Crop sequences will continue to be an important part of profitable and sustainable cropping systems in WA. Research conducted in this project showed the potential for substantial improvements in the profitability of crop rotations if break crops were used more widely... The new insights about the value of break crops in profitable crop rotations and the revised assumptions to the MIDAS model have been used to improve new models being developed by the CSIRO and DAFWA (the Land Use Sequence Optimiser (LUSO) and Leap economic models, respectively)... For example, there had been no research into the break crop effects of oaten hay in WA and one of the most common rotations on WA farms - lupin/wheat/canola/barley - had not been examined...