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Final Report: UWA00084 - Profitable and sustainable nutrient management in the WA grains industry

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Compared with drilling phosphorus (P) fertiliser with seed (the current practice for no-till crops), plant uptake of P was often improved when fertiliser was banded below seed while sowing or the topsoil was cultivated before drilling current fertiliser with seed while sowing... At Moora, nutrient uptake and growth responses of wheat, lupin and canola to sideway nutrient distribution were evaluated by applying four fertiliser placements: nil; below the seed; 15 or 30 cm away from the row in the 2006 and 2007 seasons... A series of glasshouse experiments was conducted to investigate the effects of variable soil distributions of P and potassium (K) on plant growth and nutrient uptake in wheat using vertical or horizontal split-root systems...