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Managing variation in spraying speed fact sheet

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OPTIONS FOR MANAGING VARIATIONS IN SPRAYING SPEED AND MAINTAINING SPRAY QUALITY.. Introduction Systems that can maintain spray quality as the spraying speed changes can improve spray coverage and minimise drift potential Pulse width modulation systems and twin fluid systems can maintain spray quality over a wider range of spraying speeds than a standard single line sprayer All spraying systems, including the newer ones, will require more than one set of nozzles (or set-ups) to cover all spraying situations.. Strengths Spray quality (droplet size) does not change when speed is changed Spray quality can be adjusted on the go, from the sprayer cab Control at the nozzle allows for boom recirculation / boom prime systems Many models can allow for single nozzle section control Many models can now provide turn compensation (flow adjustment across the boom) Some models may allow flow to be increased on wheel tracks without changing nozzles..
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