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Exotic Pests Fact Sheet

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Impact on Market access Production costs Hosts are wheat, durum and triticale Blackened seeds crush relatively easy Infected grain has a fishy smell Import restrictions in over 45 countries If established in Australia, would reduce grain price by $20 to $55/t.. Impact on Market access Production costs Adults have wings but don't fly Insects are spread in infected grain Insects are only 2-3 mm long Can damage up to 30% grain before it is noticed Phosphine fumigation is not very effective Larvae can survive over a year without food Reduces the number of overseas markets.. Impact on Market access Production costs Many overseas countries have grain insects with 'strong resistance' to phosphine Phosphine gas is main fumigant used in stored grain Threat to exports because resistant insects can survive fumigation Poor fumigation also increases selection pressure Need regular testing of live insects by entomology laboratory..
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