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GRDC_FS_Spray Summer Fallow_low res pdf

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" RepRinted july 2014 summerfallow FACTSHEET spraying northern, southern and western regions ImPLICATIOnS fOr nOzzLe SeLeCTIOn And QuALITy frOm reCenT TrIAL reSuLTS.. plan to control summer weeds early and have the sprayer ready to go If spraying to conserve soil moisture and retain nutrients over summer, early weed fallow control can increase the yield potential of future crops... Trials 2 & 3: Heliotrope control at mintaro, sa Site and treatment details: Site location: mintaro, mid-north of South Australia Spraying date: 13 february 2012 Site condition: a bean stubble, with all residue lying on the ground Target species: heliotrope, 10 to 20cm high, flowering to seed set, variable density Spraying conditions: temperature 29.3 C to 32.8 C, humidity 13 to 16 per cent, delta T of 14.5 to 15.5, wind speed average 7.7km/h, gusts to 16.5km/h, very warm afternoon Herbicide treatments: 1...
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