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Barley Foliar Pathogens

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The project will characterise four major foliar pathogens of barley in Australia... Virulence gene profiles of net form net blotch (Pyrenophora teres f teres), spot form net blotch (P. t. f. maculata), powdery mildew (Blumeria graminis f. sp... Presenter: G. Platz, R. Fowler; Audience Number & Nature: 20 GRDC Crop Protection Committee, AgriScience Queensland Crop Protection researchers and managers: Location: Toowoomba Qld; Date: 5/08/2010 Conference papers Barsby J, Stephen K, Platz G and Franckowiak J (2009) Selection for resistance to net form and spot form of net blotches using mixed inoculum...
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