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Genetic options for nematode control in the southern region

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The project will undertake an ambitious field program across South Australia and Victoria to evaluate the different resistance genes available to wheat breeding programs to determine the level of resistance required to manage CCN, Pratylenchus neglectus and P. thornei populations in current farming systems, and develop recommendations to breeding companies on the need for resistant and tolerant varieties across the southern region... To improve recommendation to growers, the project will also assess tolerance of current wheat and barley varieties to CCN, P. neglectus and P. thornei and update guidelines on use of nematode resistant and tolerant varieties to minimise yield losses, including revising the risk categories based on initial nematode levels... A new research officer Sjaan Davey, has been appointed to this project and in collaboration with Dr Grant Hollaway,DPI Vic (via GRDC project DAV00104), and Bev Gogel and Prof Brian Cullis (GRDC project, Statistics for the Australian Grains Industry), is co-ordinating field trials in SA and Victoria to check the calibration of the pot experiments used to classify the resistance levels to CCN, Pratylenchus neglectus and P. thornei in new varieties, and is developing a field program to assess how well new varieties tolerate the nematodes in the current farming systems...
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