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A fundamental understanding of biochar - implications and opportunities for the grains industry (CSO00041)

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Based on the data, a number of biochars will be selected for detailed field and laboratory-based experiments to assess the different aspects of the biochar on crop nutrition and associated soil properties... The project (in collaboration with project CSO00041, Evelyn Krull CSIRO) uses a combination of fundamental and applied experiments to assess the potential fit of biochar into current and future farming systems with a particular focus on plant nutrient acquisition... 4) A web-calculator to assess the effect of biochar on crop productivity Research iIn conjunction with the DAFF national biochar initiative, the project team assembled over 80 different biochars (from different sources and produced under different temperature regimes) which have been analysed for various functions, such as C content, pH, CEC, adsorption capacity, stability, water-holding capacity, porosity and specific surface area...
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