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Improved stubble and soil management practices for sustainable farming systems in the Liebe area

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In response to 10 years of climatic variability and cost/price pressures the growers in the Liebe Group area (Shires of Coorow, Dalwallinu, Perenjori and Wongan-Ballidu) have identified the need for a greater understanding of soil water dynamics, soil health and its effect on crop resilience, specific to our area... The local information generated through this project will allow growers to make more informed decisions so they can react quickly to change and develop more flexible and sustainable farming systems... Results of the trial indicate that growers trying to build carbon for a carbon market could achieve a maximum of 1 t/ha per year (until soil reaches its maximum capacity) on a sand at Buntine only if they added large amounts of biomass, which is unlikely to be economical...