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GRDC 2014 Research Summaries

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Foliar diseases of barley frequently cause significant losses in both yield and grain quality in the Northern Region (NR) and in other barley growing areas of Australia... Use of the NAM will enhance training and capacity building for postgraduate students studying barley genetics and pathology.A structured NAM population will be generated using reference varieties crossed with existing elite lines from the NR barley germplasm pool and exotic lines identified from the new barley foliar pathogens project (DAQ00187)... Whole genome profiling of lines using new marker platforms will identify ...
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" New strategies for disease resistance to wheat stripe rust: Providing novel resistance to wheat rust disease via RNAi interference.. New strategies to control the disease are necessary because sources of genetic resistance are limiting and easily overcome... This will give insight to the mechanisms giving rise to virulence changes in the stripe rust population in Australia, allow us to identify key virulence proteins called "effectors", and to use these effectors to identify new sources of disease resistance as they can be recognised by the host immune system...
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