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Nitrogen fixing break crops and pastures for HRZ acid soils

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The project will address three key problems cited by GRDC:1) the need to reduce reliance on fertiliser nitrogen; 2) managing herbicide resistance; 3) improving integration of livestock into cropping systems... Activities in Year 1 addressing the issues will involve: (a) A project reference committee chaired by a GRDC Southern Panel member and with representatives from NSW DPI and Southern Farming Systems, CSIRO and Holbrook Landcare Network will be established to consider the results from a review of past and current research of N fixing break-crops in the HRZ acid soil zones, and feedback from grower focus meetings and an online survey... Soils on the survey farms will be characterised to identify chemical and physical plant growth handbrakes.(d) Information collected from the survey farms will inform subsequent experimentation and assist in the location of appropriate sites and collaborators for the on-farm trials that will occur in Years 2, 3 and 4. It is anticipated that these trials will include two pulses and two forage legume species...