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Early fungicide application can be profitable for Managing Yellow spot and Stagonospora Nodorum in Wheat-on-Wheat cropping AIMS METHOD RESULTS AND DISCUSSION CONCLUSION

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High levels of yellow spot or stagonospora (septoria) nodorum blotch before flag leaf emergence can reduce plant growth and ultimately the yield of susceptible wheat varieties... Our research aims were to determine if foliar fungicide application prior to stem extension can be valuable for controlling early infection and, more importantly, profitable by giving a yield benefit across a range of environments... Necrotic leaf area was determined on top 3 to 4 leaves (on 15 tillers /plot) from all plots at Z15, Z25, Z31, Z39, Z55 (i.e. before each foliar fungicide spray) and Z72, or in the case of opportunistic trials assessed at regular intervals after trial establishment...
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