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Nitrogen mineralisation predicted using Soil Management Calculator (SMCAL).

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Soil organic matter is divided up into five soil pools including; biomass (dead and alive), fresh organic matter (FOM), active soil organic matter (SOM A ) and passive soil organic matter (SOM P )... Net N mineralisation, over the crop growing season (May - October), was calculated to be only 9 kg N/ha/yr when default decay rate of decomposition of FOM (0.05/day), of SOM A (0.00015/day) and of dead microbial (0.01/day) material were used... Daily rates of N mineralisation (kg/ha/d) of FOM and SON A soil pools in the presence of wheat crop residue (1995 crop) with lupins grown in 1996, over the period December 1995 to December 1996...