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What does climate science have to offer the grain grower in Southern Autralia

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We suggest that Seasonal Climate Forecasts have a role to play as part of the toolkit, but they need to be incorporated into risk management rather than as seen as a replacement for risk management... In the presentation we will show that there is good reason to follow ENSO in the Southern Grains Belt and that a view that ENSO is only relevant to the Northern Grains belt (north of Dubbo) is unwise... Being smarter about how we use SCF In a recent assessment of the tactical use of seasonal climate forecasts for cropping decisions, Crimp et al. (2007) from CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems compared six different seasonal climate forecast indices across thirteen different farms in three regions (SE Qld, northern Victoria and WA) with either single decisions or packages of decisions tied to climate forecasts...
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