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IMPROVING YIELDS IN IRRIGATED WHEAT: 2009 TRIAL UPDATE Improving Yields in Irrigated Wheat: 2009 Trial Update

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Irrigated wheat appears to have a similar optimum planting rate to dryland: around 40kg/ha (100 plants/m2), possibly lower if the seed is going to be concentrated on top of a bed with large furrow gaps between beds. Planting higher rates than this will increase lodging susceptibility and could cause yield loss if it induces greater rates of lodging... Further work will be needed to experiment with different timings of N application to see how sensitive the strategy is to the date of N application, and if any slow release fertiliser products would be of benefit... Yield and water use benchmarks Preliminary analysis has been undertaken to determine the maximum yields that can be achieved from irrigated wheat in the northern region, and how much water is required by the crop in order to achieve these yields...