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Will low protein become the new norm?

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In a trial at Trangie Agricultural Research Centre over two seasons (2011 and 2012) the grain yield and grain protein concentration of EGA Gregory wheat following chickpeas was similar to wheat following canola that was fertilised with 46 kg/ha N. The application of 46 kg/ha N in June 2012 to the wheat significantly increased the 2012 wheat yield by 400 kg/ha and 1.4 % protein regardless of previous crop (Figure 2)... For dry matter measured at maturity (GS99), there was a significant increase for the 25 kg/ha N rate compared with the nil rate, with no further increase in dry matter from increased N applications above 25 kg N/ha... At Coonamble, grain yield of eight wheat varieties was maximised at a grain protein concentration of 9 % (Figure 5a), with 100 kg/ha N required to raise grain protein by 2 % but also reduce yield by 250 kg/ha...
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