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Advancing the management of crop canopies

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Influence of fungicide rate (mean of fungicide products - four site mean) Stem rust control assessed over the four trial sites revealed that using high rates was essential for the control of the disease, even if the fungicide had been applied prophylactically (before infection was visible in the crop)... Influence of cultivar resistance and fungicide application (Prosaro ) on yield and stem rust severity measured on the flag sheath 18 days after fungicide application at early dough (GS82) and assessed at mid dough - physiological maturity (GS85-90) - Bairnsdale, Gippsland, Victoria, 2010... The yield potential for the crop with no nitrogen applied is estimated at GS30 from the results of numerous of trials conducted in that region where NDVI at GS30 is divided by the number of growing degree days (GDD) greater than 0 C since planting, referred to as the INSEY units (in season estimate of yield)...