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Goondiwindi Update - General Plenary Day 1 - March 2014 - small pdf

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Weed seeds will most likely absorb herbicide if the herbicide is at or below the seed in the soil profile... Triallate needs to be situated at or above the weed seed to be effective... It is c4 u recommended that a preliminary compatibility test (jar d3 e 0 Tordon* ^^ R test) be carried out prior to the use of any tank mix t 20 with AXIAL n Velocity* e1 Please refer to the label of the product being tank c 0 r e mixed for rates and constraints P 0 GS39 GS47 - 49 GS61 - 65 Product labels and usage directions should be followed for the application of any product referred to in this Avena Growth Stage at Application publication...