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2014 Soil Biology Symposium (proceedings booklet)

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The GRDC Soil Biology Initiative (SBI-II, 2009-2014) has partnered with research organisations throughout Australia to work towards the 10-year vision of increased profitability and sustainability of grain cropping as a result of harnessing the biological potential of soil... Timing of N fertiliser additions: Minimising or eliminating fertiliser applications at sowing will enhance microbial processing of soil organic N. Mineralisation measures: Molecular tools that measure the microbial genes associated with organic N release may be used to assess the mineralisation potential in a wide range of soils... Objectives: The project aimed to determine if populations of AM fungi (AMF) in soil are influenced by growth of different break crops, so influencing AM colonisation in the following wheat crop and delivery of soil phosphate (P) to the plants via the AMF. We use a novel method of estimating this delivery separately from direct P uptake by the roots, using radioactive P ( 33P)...