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Report bites into salty issues

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GROWERS COULD potentially extract up to $90 million of benefits each year from saline country but around $20 million a year is a more likely outcome, according to a new study of salinity management options supported by growers and the Federal Government through the GRDC... Although farmers have planted thousands of hectares of trees to try to stop watertables from rising, a lack of profitable tree planting options has led them to more immediate solutions such as drainage and engineering options and broadscale planting of deep-rooted pastures such as lucerne - and the benefits of these measures are analysed... The report draws on a wide range of statewide case studies to analyse the relative merits of salinity management options, including planting lucerne, saltland pastures, lucerne-based pastures, oil rnallees, river red gums, broombush, maritime pines, ironbark, sugar gums and jojoba, as well as sequential perennial pastures and cell grazing...
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