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Management honed by front-row research seat

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Management honed by front-row research seat.. The Lucindale farm run by the Hocking family in South Australia is a hive of ingenuity; partly inspired by the interest they have in the many research trials they host.. Owners: Hartley and Viv Hocking, Brad and Nicole Hocking Location: Conmurra, South Australia Area: 1800 hectares (plus 520ha at West Avenue managed by daughter Vanessa and son-in-law Shane Clarke) Enterprise: cropping and livestock Crops: 770ha, mainly feed wheat ( Manning , SQP Revenue , Brennan ) and faba beans (Aquadulce), some canola and spring barley (to clean up paddocks with broadleaf weeds) Livestock: 1000 Merino ewes, 2400 first-cross ewes (Merino x Border Leicester) producing prime lambs, 130 cattle...
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