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'Clean start' call for sweet lupins

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By Alec Nicol The researchers behind two new albus lupin varieties - Luxor and Rosetta - say Australia has the potential to be the world's sole supplier of "100 per cent guaranteed sweet albus lupins" - a potentially lucrative position, but one that requires the industry to make a "clean start"... Dr Luckett says the simplest way of giving the industry a fresh start would be to sow only the newly released varieties Luxor and Rosetta next year... Mr Goucher says every generation of Luxor and Rosetta has been tested and all seed increase areas have been at least two kilometres from any other albus lupin crop: "We expect to have between 500 and 800 tonnes of Luxor seed and between 300 and 500 tonnes of Rosetta available for sowing in 2008...
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