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Legume decline traced to crop chemicals

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Grower: Carl Moltoni Location: Dandaragan, Western Australia Farm size: 4200 hectares (40 per cent cropping and 60 per cent pasture) Annual rainfall: 450 millimetres Soil types: loamy sand, sand over gravel and sand Soil pH (CaCl 2 ): 5.5 "The first thing DAFWA asked me was whether I had been using sulfonylurea herbicides in my cropping program," Carl says... Carl started using sulfonylurea when he bought a neighbouring property with trifluralin-resistant ryegrass in 2009: "I had to switch to the sulfonylurea Logran to manage weeds on that property and because this required a new seeding system of press wheels and knife points I began using Logran across both properties to streamline the seeding process.".. Carl says impressive trial results at a local field day demonstrated the clear benefits of spading to treat non-wetting soils and inspired the purchase of a spader for his own property...