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Platform for innovation: Graingene designs crops of the future

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THE FUTURE of crop research, breeding and commercial development could look a lot like a unique partnership - involving CSIRO Plant Industry, the GRDC and two commercial partners - which is now hitting its stride and road-testing a ground-breaking model for rapidly delivering varietal improvements to the grain industry... "Gateway is all about capturing the outputs of the other projects - whether it be markers, germplasm or knowledge - and developing enhanced gennplasm from which new varieties are developed, This program represents an essential linkage point - ensuring research outputs (e,g. traits) are actually implemented in relevant germplasm, as well as packaging the traits for use outside the laboratory... Grain gene has created a model for doing business that encapsulates a product focus, integration, a gateway out of the laboratory into the paddock and direct linkages with the market and commercial world," said Stephanie von Gavel, Executive Manager of Grain gene ...