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Sequence to slash losses from worst wheat disease

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Genome sequencing of the wheat disease tan (yellow) spot pathogen is expected to help researchers boost the productivity of the Australian wheat industry by tens of millions of dollars in coming years... Professor Oliver said the sequencing of the tan spot genome also followed the 2010 cloning and sequencing of the gene for tan spot necrosis 1 (Tsn1) - the protein produced by susceptible wheat cultivars, which helped tan spot and septoria (Stagonospora nodorum) infect the leaves... "Based on data in the 2009 GRDC report T he current and potential costs of diseases of wheat in Australia , I estimate that the sequencing of ToxA and Tsn1 will ultimately cut Australian crop losses caused by tan spot by about $100 million, while the PTR genome sequence should at least halve losses again," he said...
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