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Growers urged not to grow canola on canola to prevent disease risk and crop losses

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The National Brassica Pathology Working Group, comprising pathologists, agronomists, chemical companies and canola breeders from across Australia, unilaterally shared concern at a recent meeting in Melbourne that growers would potentially face serious risk of crop failure due to blackleg if attempting to grow canola on canola... Growers are urged not to risk the long-term viability of the canola industry by sowing canola on canola," said Dr Marcroft, on behalf of the National Brassica Pathology Working Group... Dr Marcroft, who has been addressing GRDC grains research Updates in the southern region about the blackleg scenario, says growers can use the Risk Assessor to determine if their paddocks are in a high risk situation, and what practices could be changed to reduce yield loss from blackleg. "..