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HRZ growers urged to be prepared for STB threat

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Mr Poole says rusts are a "puppy" compared to STB because fungicides do not achieve the same level of control as seen with stripe rust in Australia, and because the disease has a longer latent period which makes it more difficult to determine its progress... With the STB pathogen becoming resistant to strobilurins and triazoles in other parts of world and with evidence that the pathogen in southern Australia has some of the early stage resistance mutations to triazoles, Mr Poole is urging growers to use an IDM strategy and not base control on fungicides alone... "In looking at fungicide options, bear in mind the recent discovery by Dr Andrew Milgate at New South Wales Department of Primary Industries of strains of the disease that show mutations conferring reduced sensitivity (low level resistance) to a number of triazole fungicides," Mr Poole said...