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Weed seed destructor on course for commercial launch

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Weed seed destructor on course for commercial launch One of the most anticipated technologies in Australian agriculture - the Harrington Seed Destructor - has progressed to commercial production... The first unit is now in the advanced planning stage, and de Bruin's in-house engineers have already made a number of improvements based on feedback from growers and researchers who observed and inspected the HSD during trials conducted during last harvest... Trials, demonstrations and evaluations over the past couple of years have been overseen by AHRI researcher Dr Michael Walsh, who is based at the University of WA. Dr Walsh is continuing to assess the efficacy of the unit in reducing weed emergence and he will also be involved in working with grain grower groups across Australia to train potential users of the HSD. Dr Walsh's research over the past five years has shown that during a grain crop harvest a significant proportion of the seed produced by weed populations (between 73-99% depending on the species) is collected by harvesters and then redistributed back across the field...
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