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GCTV7: Overcoming Phosphine Resistant Insects

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For more than 40 years Phosphine has been a safe and reliable means of controlling grain storage insects... 210.62: Chris Newman: 213.189: at the situation on this particular farm, Michelle had 216.86: already indicated that it was starting to look very interesting and so I first went 222.829: up to the farm and assessed the situation, discovered what the 228.11: fumigation practice was; looked at the silos; looked 230.75: at the hygiene around the farm and decided that it was possible that we could do an eradication 237.15: of the insects on the farm... And so I put an environmental trap under the 282.43: silos which was essentially a large rubbish bin full of 285.19: grain and sieved the insects out of that on a regular basis and submitted them to the 290.47: labs for Michelle to test and found that there was 294.05: no strong resistance left in the insects that were flying 297.62: into the farm...
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