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GCTV15: Harvest Weed Seed Control

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" GCTV15: Harvest Weed Seed Control 19 November 2014 Harvest provides a strategically important time for grain growers to apply weed seed control... 33.789: Mike Walsh: Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative 35.19: OK Ben we've found a wild radish plant in your crop, so if we use our handy reference 40.379: tool to check out our harvest height we can see that even though this is an immature 45.03: wild radish plant there's still a lot of pods and every one of those pods is above 49.999: our harvest height so they/re all going to go into your chaff cart... 300.56: Mike Walsh: Growers have got the message they really need 303.49: to drive their populations down to very low levels towards eradication and it's that attitude 310.16: that is going to help them into the future because they're now tolerating much lower 314.73: weed densities in their cropping systems and that just means that weed control practices 320.47: become much more sustainable...
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