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GCTV Extension Files: Wheat Sowing Strategies

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" GCTV Extension Files: Wheat Sowing Strategies 07 March 2014 CSIRO research agronomist James Hunt comments on taking wheat sowing strategies to help maximise whole farm wheat yield... WATCH MORE: GroundCover TV story on Early Sowing for Optimal Flowering: READ MORE: article: 7.85: GCTV Extension Files: Wheat Sowing Strategies 7.88: Presenter: James Hunt CSIRO Plant Industry Modern farming systems put a lot of pressure 10.26: on us to take advantage of any sowing opportunity as they arise in order to get as much crop 16.369: as possible flowering during the optimal period... And there is essentially three different ways 22.52: of being able to hit that flowering window, which start at the end of February and move 28.81: through until May. 29.789: So the first opportunity you have got is with a winter wheat and the window for them opens 34.82: at the end of Feb, you can sown them through March into early April, even to the middle 40.39: of April...
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