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GCTV9: Crown Rot & Root Lesion Nematodes

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DOWNLOAD UPDATED WHEAT VARIETY RESISTANCE RATINGS FOR ROOT LESION NEMATODES (P. Thornei): 2.29: GCTV Ep#9 Crown Rot 2.62: Narrator: Seeing is believing and in this case what 5.27: you 11.65: Same population levels of Pratylenchus thornei in both plots, but on the right the moderately 17.23: nematode-tolerant EGA Wylie, on the left, the intolerant Strzelecki... 31.27: Narrator: This trial at Yallaroi in northwestern NSW 34.85: is one of a number being run by the Northern Grower Alliance in collaboration with NSW 40.71: DPI, and with GRDC 46.49: Pratylenchus thornei or Pratylenchus neglectus on rotation crops is being assessed... 285.15: Steven Simpfendorfer: Canola closes over the ground quite early, 287.58: produces a big bulky crop, get all that leaf drop, and that leaf is high in nitrogen, you 292.17: actually then drive decomposition of the cereal stubble underneath a lot more and you 295.55: break down more stubble and get rid of a lot more crown rot...
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