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GCTV8: Liming Acid Soils

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3.74: GCTV Ep#8 Liming Acid Soils 4.08: Narrator: Soil acidity is wide spread throughout Western 6.51: Australia 9.29: 4 to 500 million dollar loss in annual production... Its why the Grains Research and Development 14.49: Corporation has previously supported soil acidity 17.39: research in the state, and why currently the federal government 21.99: program is contributing funding to a joint state government 25.599: and private enterprise project... 252.67: Narrator: WA has a number of lime pits along the coast 256.63: and this one at Lancelin about an hour and half 259.079: drive north of Perth has one of the largest marketing footprints, supplying lime to farms 264.05: up to 600 kilometres away...