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GCTV9: Mungbeans' Promising Future

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1.079: GCTV Ep#9 Mungbeans 1.489: Narrator: For decades, Xavier and Heather Martin have 3.53: used Mungbeans as a summer rainfall opportunity crop on their New South Wales property, but 9.32: over the last five years the broadleaf legume has gained more importance in their farming 14.559: system... And Mungbeans don't deplete the entire moisture profile... 147.569: Narrator: Little wonder then that Xavier and Heather 150.56: used prize money from receiving last year's Australian Mungbean Association Production 155.569: Award for Excellence, to head overseas to see how crops are grown by the nation producing 161.11: the world's largest volume of Mungbeans...
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