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GCTV8: Regional Grower Services Managers

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" GCTV8: Regional Grower Services Managers 17 August 2012 GRDC's three new frontline troops tell where they've come from professionally, to take up their new roles as regional growers services managers... 4.33: GCTV Ep#8 Regional Grower Services Managers 4.47: Narrator: Darren Hughes was already an experienced GRDC 8.24: hand when he applied for the Western region position... 20.56: Darren Hughes: GRDC Grower Regional Services Manager, West 22.689: My PhD supervisor was a panel member and a deputy panel chair at one stage and we use 28.88: to have some great philosophising talks about 30.67: R&D and where it 35.64: the panel position I thought it was a great opportunity 38.879: to actively participate in the leadership and management of the grains industry 44.44: research and development area...