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GCTV11: Australian Wheat for China

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" GCTV11: Australian Wheat for China 12 August 2013 Providing specifications and Australian wheat flour blends to Chinese millers and noodle manufacturers for premium quality food products being demanded by China's increasingly wealthy and expanding middle class... 39.01: Dr Ken Quail: Grain Growers Ltd, General Manager Technical Services 39.829: We wanted to get in and understand the Chinese requirements for premium products so that 46.23: we understood the technical wheat quality requirements for those products to be able 51.44: to identify which Australia wheats best serve that market... 91.799: Dr Ken Quail: We had made noodles in Australia and 95.759: dried them and taken them to China to run these trials and we had some comments when 101.109: we were running these workshops from these Chinese noodle experts that they were the 104.89: best noodles they had ever tasted and they had clearly not had access to Australian wheat 110.479: in these sort of circumstances before...
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