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The cotton picker machine removes the seed cotton from the plant using a plucking action generated from a series of rotating spindles in the picker heads that follow the plant row as the picker moves forward... Machines can pick four to eight rows at a time and weigh between 18-20 tonnes... For lower yielding rain-grown crops, the seed cotton is removed using stripper machines, which strip all the contents off the bush, including dry leaves and twigs, in addition to the seed cotton...
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Can affect any crop stage; assess the potential for direct-feeding damage in late winter... Estimate the number of aphids per tiller... Chemical control: Apply a foliar insecticide in late winter or spring to avoid damage to tillers...
" Print the page.. Graph of Mungbean yields overall, average of varietal trials 2002-07.. Mungbean yields overall, average of varietal trials 2002-07 DAFF < Previous image..
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" Print the page Please click on an image or its title to view a larger version... A maize plant affected by Wallaby ear.. Dwarf mosiac virus in maize..
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The questionnaire helps you to assess the risk of glyphosate resistance developing in awnless barnyard grass populations in your paddock or farm... Consider having your weeds tested for glyphosate resistance if: paddocks are at risk of glyphosate resistance there are survivors of a glyphosate application... Check your risk for glyphosate resistance (PDF, 166 kB)..
Using a water diviner in a maize field.. Recent efforts to improve on-farm water use efficiencies have resulted in more use of soil moisture monitoring tools, particularly capacitance probes such as C-probe, Enviroscan and Diviner... Probes are typically used to: schedule irrigations - to determine when irrigation is required calculate soil water deficit to work out how much water to apply...