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Growing soybeans

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" Print the page You are more likely to succeed in growing soybeans if you: plant fresh, good-quality seed at the recommended rate choose varieties that suit your planting time, climate and market ensure effective inoculation using group-H soybean inoculant avoid moisture-stress throughout the growing season when irrigating manage, monitor and correctly identify and treat pests and diseases plant phytophthora-resistant varieties harvest when seed moisture levels reach 16%... As a general guide, use the maturity group ratings to choose a variety suitable for a summer planting in your region: north Queensland - groups 8 and 9 central Queensland - groups 7 and 8 southern Queensland - groups 5, 6 and 7.. While nitrogen application may produce taller, greener plants, trial results show no economic yield response from the addition of nitrogenous fertiliser to soybeans in dryland situations...
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